Scheme Interpreter and Visualizer
By Jack Thakar
Based on CS 61A's Scheme Project

(save 'symbol) saves executed code to be loaded with (load 'symbol)
(edit 'symbol) loads saved code in the editor
(list-saves) displays a list of all previously saved files
(upload) shares executed code
(upload 'symbol) shares previously saved code
(download 'url) loads code from a url

(theme 'solarized) and (theme 'monochrome) change the interpreter's theme
(demo 'chess) if you want to play a game or (demo 'paint) if you want to draw a picture

(draw-pair pair) draws a box-and-pointer diagram
(demo 'autopair) will start automatically drawing expressions which evaluate to pairs
(diagram) draws an environment diagram
(visualize code) visualizes execution
(debug code) evaluates code step-by-step

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